Wednesday, May 7, 2014

SEX AND FOREVER [Lyrical Guide]

Just a bit of your time baby til the conversation sparks
You been running through my mind lately
Although I wished you'd walked
If looks could kill lady 
Outline me now in chalk
The gloss on ya lips belt on ya hips
I wanna be both
Wanna take you out time to time baby
Wanna hear you scream that the boy is mine lady
Wanna drop you off wanna pick you up
Bring you home from work hands up yo skirt
Bet I make you squirt when I pop yo top
Make the headboards bang like I claim a block
Make you wanna share the last name that I got
Wanna share the last name that I got
You can tell that it's real by my heart beat
I can look you in ya eyes and see ya want me
Lonely is something that you wont be
Even when it's Winter cold you can hold me
Tell me all your thoughts tell me all your dreams
Tell me all your fears lending both my ears
I'mma be your confidante your restaurant
Yo diary & chef
Anything you need know I got that
Playing catch when we sex so throw it back
Wanna kiss yo lips wanna read yo mind 
wanna brag you mine wanna make you smile
(Wanna make you laugh wanna make you cry
tears of joy from a girl or a boy x2)
How long I want that
Forever my lady forever ever ever baby
Forever my lady forever ever ever baby
Forever my lady forever ever ever baby
Forever my lady forever ever ever baby
Forever my lady forever ever ever baby
This that down for the long run
Put your number in my phone 
Next I'm squeezing on ya bum
Then I'm sucking on your tongue
Now we making sweet love
On the bed on the floor in the shower song
In the shower song
Poetic Serenade:
See when it comes to you and I
I need sex and forever
I need to be behind your derriere
While I'm pulling on your hair
And you biting down on your wedding ring
Moans screaming right there daddy
Hello is where you had me
And beneath them drawers water falls (waterfalls)
All because I gave you TLC
See I don't need another woman
What I'm attracted to in these Magazines
And on this T.V. screen I'll put you in it
Lingerie or bathing suit
I'll be the photographer have our own photo shoot
And I ain't selfish
On the tablet of your heart I will confess my deepest secrets
On your top and bottom lips
My kisses will reside
Yes both pair on your duplex
I am Adam Reverie soon to be a star
And girl you shine like one
So when you reverse cowgirl 
I guess the stars are aligned
The Milky Way being your spine
God our love is so divine
I'm talking and forever
I'm tryna...your beautiful mind

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