Sunday, February 16, 2014


              Photo Credit: Christina Smith

There's so many things that make up a person and it's unfair to confine God's most intricate creatures to a single label.  Ask a kid what he wants to be on Monday and he'll say a football player, ask him that same question on Tuesday and he'll say a famous singer. Well I'm that kid all grown up and although my dreams of playing in the NFL have thus faded. I still want to be a famous singer (Rapper), but I'd also like to wear the hat of a print model. My best friend Joi and I would always dream in college about  things we'd want to do or be and she would tease that I was built like a little mannequin, she would tease but also hint at me becoming a print model.  Her being from the great city of Chicago she knew a little bit about modeling and suggested I submit to Ford. I've yet to do so, but I think this year I'm going to take her advice and pursue my other adult dream.

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